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Anime Review: HIGH SCHOOL D x D – Premiere Review

by OtakuSource on Saturday Jan 21, 2012

AnimeTip is pleased to announce a new collaboration for high quality anime reviews with the DGrey Writing Collective! We are extremely excited about this new partnership. Please let us know what you think of their material!

Premiere Review by the DGrey Writing Collective

Highschool DxD e1327115693536 Anime Review: HIGH SCHOOL D x D   Premiere Review

The Story…
Hyoudou Issei and his hard-up co-freshman pals Matsuda and Motohoma are starting Kuou Academy, which boasts a cornucopia of beautiful international (and mostly female) students. Looming over Hyoudou’s new school life is the regally gorgeous third year Rias Gremory, from Scandinavia and head of the Occult Research Club. Her measurements, and those of several other girls, are recited, from memory, in centimeters, by one of the M boys. Hyoudou finds a girlfriend first in the unassuming Amano Yuuma and is thrilled to be going on a first date; then he finds that romance is really really really a lot more thrilling, transformational, and death-defying, than he had imagined, and that many more girls are interested in him than he ever could have hoped. - Abby

Key to the SeriesWoo-ness vs. Hentaicity
In any series featuring high schools, and especially one featuring more than one letter D, the question of woo-ness (girls melting) vs. hentaicity (like authenticity of a certain kind) comes to the fore. The first spoken words after the break following the cryptically effective opening sequence are “Man, I want to fondle some nice boobs!” and that sets the tone fairly well for what you are going to see. Just for fun and edification and not for any other possible reason I’ve decided to rewatch the episode and count how many hentainstances there are. Rewatch rewatch rewatch. Add add add. Carry the two. OK. There are 37 in 22 minutes, with 11 of those coming in the first three. In one amazing battle sequence, first episode badass villain Dounashiku throws his blue lightsaber Klingon battlesword thingy right between the legs of red-headed queen of the high school Rias Gremory. A full and beautiful panty shot is followed by the blindingly fast arrival of a gray-haired girl (we all know about grey-haired girls). Flashing onscreen from nowhere, she deflects the attack, and the brilliant camerawork makes it appear that — well, the anime nation of Nihon requests the favor of your viewing this battle sequence, for the proper effect, and respect.

dxd Anime Review: HIGH SCHOOL D x D   Premiere Review

The reason I am honing this particular blade is that H is taken to a certain intensity in this series, and if you are an anime fan of any sensibility about this, it will get in the way of a promising storyline. The H is similar to and more plentiful than the heaping helpings that were doled out in High School of The Dead, and you will be as uncomfortable and grossed out if you are over there H-wise as you will be supercharged and thrilled in if you are ovah dere, as they say in Brooklyn, and in movies featuring characters from Brooklyn.

There is lots of happy potential for “normal” romance and woo-ness, with at least four femmes foraging for fun with our dim-witted horndog protagonist Hyoudou-Issei, but he looks so much and a little too much like the typical type who gets way more ass-whippings than action at the hands of his girls, friends or otherwise. Bishounen and Yaoi seeds were scattered, but with an eye-dropper by a blind turtle. You will go hungry there. - Space Farmer Donyell

Fashion and Hairstyles Section
Okayyyyyy, boys and girls and girlboys and boygirls! So many choices that need choosing!
And who is choosing to wear what in the delightful Episode 1 of this cute boy/cute girl series, and how are they choosing to wear it?

Sad to say but it has to be said, aside from Rias Gremory‘s fabulously royal coiffure rouge no one and no thing else steps up to the catwalk in the opener. What a waste of pretty people! Hopefully the girls are simply being coy in the first episode, hiding behind their mundane school attire, and will turn up in something cosplay worth at the prom, or whatever social event comes up. Even swarthy villain Dounashiku fails to impress, debuting in a mundane dark blue trenchcoat sort of affair. – Guy

Highschool DXD e1327115835434 Anime Review: HIGH SCHOOL D x D   Premiere Review

Special Review of the Opening Sequence
So important in setting the mood as you settle in snugly with your yummies! Great series always have great openings, Godzilla always says; he’s always telling people to watch Elfen Lied to get an example, and for once I agree with him/her/it — What? Of course it’s THE Godzilla…. it’s not something you can really make a mistake about. We play tennis twice a month. Yeah, he’s really good. Cheats a bit, though. Don’t ever tell hi — oh, yes. Cryptically effective is the right way to describe this beginning, and it is especially sharp in its foreshadowing of alternating realities. I like that they skipped a big opening theme in the beginning, and dove right in.
- Darien

Overall Watchability:
This is a well made production by Anime Megalords Funimation, teaming up with Anime Studio TNK. Saddle up for a fun, wild ride IF and only if you love and that is love love Valentine’s Day LOVE hentai.

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